DAD 8x AD Mic/Line Card

Mic/Line input card for DAD AX64/AX32/NTP Penta 720 & 721s

CAP2: 0 £2,790.00
£2,325.00 ex VAT
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At a glance

  • 8 ch. MIC/LINE input
  • Phantom power
  • Mic pre gain
  • Phase invert
  • Selectable max. line input level +9 dBu to +30 dBu in steps of 0.1 dB

The Digital Audio Denmark 8-channel Mic/Line input card is designed for use with DAD AX64, AX32, and NTP Penta units. It features eight channels with capabilities for both microphone and line inputs. This card provides phantom power, mic pre-gain adjustment, phase inversion, and the option to select a maximum line input level ranging from +9 dBu to +30 dBu in precise increments of 0.1 dB.

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