Digital Audio Denmark AX Center TB3 audio interface

AD/DA Converter and Thunderbolt Audio Interface

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Versatile and powerful audio solution renowned for its exceptional sound quality and flexibility. Featuring Digital Audio Denmark AD & DA conversion and DAD mic preamps, it provides accurate and detailed sound capture. With two front-panel XLR/1/4" combo connectors and expandable options for additional mic inputs and analogue outputs, the interface is ideal for diverse audio applications, including 7.1.4 ATMOS format mixing and mastering conversion. The comprehensive rear panel offers Thunderbolt, Dante AoIP, MADI, ADAT, S/PDIF, and Word Clock connectivity, supporting up to 984 input and output channels. The AX Center's 984x984 audio-routing matrix, two headphone connections, and DAD Pro|Mon monitor control solution enhance user control. Its onboard DSP-processing engine facilitates speaker correction in large sound stages, ensuring precision throughout the analog-to-digital conversion process and delivering an unparalleled audio experience through a world-class D/A stage to the speakers.

At a glance

  • Thunderbolt 3 interface, with 256 bidirectional channels at 48 and 96 kHz, 128 channels at 192 kHz and 64 channels at 384 kHz
  • Interchangeable Thunderbolt 3 main and expansion port with 15 W power for ancillary equipment
  • Audio Drivers for macOS and Windows
  • MADI interface on BNC connectors with 64 bidirectional channels at 48 kHz, 32 channels at 96 kHz, 16 channels at 192 kHz and eight channels at 384 kHz
  • Dual ADAT interface on TosLink Light pipes with 16 bidirectional channels at 48 kHz, eight channels at 96 kHz, and four channels at 192 kHz, configurable also as 2-channel S/PDIF input
  • DANTE AoIP interface via Ethernet with 256 bidirectional channels at 48 and 96 kHz, 128 channels at 192 kHz
  • Two card slots are available for DAD I/O Expansion Cards
  • Word clock I/O, and Video Black and Burst input on BNC connectors
  • 128 channels speaker processing with a total of 1024 filters and delay
  • Summing Processor 64 output/512 input busses
  • Internal router: 4096 x 4096
  • 32-bit floating point processing
  • DADman control software for macOS and Windows connecting via Ethernet or Thunderbolt
  • Pro|Mon monitor control functionality and integration for Avid Eucon Enabled Devices via DADman

The Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) AX Center Base Thunder Core Audio Interface is a versatile and potent tool for audio enthusiasts, offering exceptional sound quality and adaptability. Boasting Digital Audio Denmark AD & DA conversion technology and DAD mic preamps' renowned transparency and musicality ensures precise and detailed sound capture.

Front Panel Flexibility: Inputs and Expansion

On the front panel, the AX Center provides two XLR/1/4" combo connectors for microphones and instruments. Further expansion is possible with up to two 8-channel mic/line A/D cards, accommodating 16 mic inputs. Additionally, an 8-channel D/A card can be added to yield eight extra analog outputs, making it an excellent choice for 7.1.4 ATMOS format mixing or mastering conversion. The interface facilitates easy monitoring of all sources with its two headphone connections.

Comprehensive Connectivity: Rear Panel Options

The rear panel of the AX Center boasts a comprehensive array of connectivity options, including Thunderbolt, Dante AoIP, MADI, ADAT, S/PDIF, and Word Clock. The interface supports an impressive 984 input and output channels with full expansion. It incorporates a 984x984 audio-routing matrix, allowing flexible routing of any input to any output and duplication of inputs to multiple outputs simultaneously. The DAD Pro|Mon monitor control solution, featuring a 512x64 channel summing engine, enhances user control.

DSP-Powered Precision: Onboard Processing

Equipped with an onboard DSP-processing engine capable of handling up to 128 channels and 1024 EQ filters, the AX Center is well-suited for speaker correction in large immersive sound stages. Throughout the entire audio processing chain, from analogue to digital conversion to routing and summing, the interface maintains fidelity to the natural expression of the audio.

Impeccable Signal Path: Analogue to Digital and Beyond

The AX Center ensures that your precious audio is converted from analogue to digital, utterly true to its natural expression, seamlessly routed and summed with utmost precision, and finally passed through a world-class D/A stage before reaching your speakers.

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