DAD AX64 Multi-Format Interface

Modular Multi-format Audio Interface

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Modular multi-format audio interface featuring eight slots to house dedicated audio cards from the AX32 and Penta range up to 64 analogue inputs or outputs of DAD’s superior conversion.

At a glance

  • 2 Thunderbolt 3 Ports (each w. 15W power)
  • 256 Bidirectional Channels at 48 & 96 kHz
  • ASIO / Core Audio Thunderbolt PCIe Drivers
  • MADI/BNC-Optional 2 x SFP/BNC MADI
  • ADAT /Litepipe (16 Ch.)
  • DANTE: 256 Ch. at 48 kHz, 128 Ch. at 96kHz, 64 Ch. at 192 kHz (IP Core)
  • WC I/O • SPQ: 64 Ch. with 16 Filters
  • Pro|Mon Support • Summing Processor 64 Output / 512 Input Busses
  • Internal Router: 4096 x 4096
  • 32-bit Floating Point Processing
  • 8 Slots for Any Available Expansion Cards
  • Avid Eucon Enabled Devices via DADman
  • Apple Silicon M1 and Intel Compatible Software
  • Control via Ethernet or Thunderbolt Connection
  • Dual 110/240V AC Power Connection as Option

The DAD AX64 is a versatile multi-format audio interface equipped with eight slots for accommodating dedicated audio cards from the Penta range, supporting up to 64 analogue inputs or outputs with DAD's exceptional conversion quality.

The DAD AX64 offers extensive digital connectivity, EUCON control compatibility, built-in SPQ processing, internal summing, and more. The AX64 multi-format interface incredibly routes any signal source to any destination, ideal for post-production, recording and mixing studios, live music or sound installations.

The AX64 also includes Dante, MADI and ADAT ports onboard, native interfaces and DADman routing control, making it an amazing AD/DA/DD converter capable of converting any analogue or digital signal and routing it anywhere. It can be used as a dedicated audio interface for your DAW thanks to the two Thunderbolt 3 ports, which can then be extended with additional analogue preamps using ADAT, MADI or Dante ports.

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