Dangerous Music Compressor

Mastering Compressor

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Powerful, easy-to-use and ultra-transparent VCA compressor with Sibilance Boost control, True Stereo Dual Detector, Smart Dyn Dual Slope Detection and Auto Attack/Release

At a glance

  • Easy -to-use compressor
  • Ultra Transparent operation even at -20dB of gain reduction
  • Bass Cut
  • Sibilance Boost control to remove excess sibilance with zero post-compression hangover
  • True Stereo Dual Detector
  • Smart Dyn Dual Slope Detection
  • Auto Attack/Release

The Dangerous Compressor is a powerful and incredibly easy-to-use compressor with all the class and quality associated with Dangerous Music.

As with most products by Dangerous Music, the Dangerous Compressor offers a truly transparent operation with virtually no distortion even with -20dB of gain reduction. This is achieved through the use of a high-quality distortion-free VCA. A true Dual detector is also employed instead of the usual one detector used in linking operation, avoiding the narrowing of the stereo image experienced with many compressors. As a result, the Dangerous Compressor is ideal for mastering application or as a transparent vocal compressor.

In addition to its great sound, the Compressor is extremely powerful and laden with features such as its flexible side-chain circuitry offering a Bass cut control and Sibilance. The former is ideal to avoid unnecessary triggering from low frequencies. A Sibilance Boost is also included which will control the excess sibilance and shrill sound without any post-compression hangover.

The Dangerous Compressor is also extremely simple to use. Simply press the button of your choice and turn the threshold knob to obtain great results in no time at all. Buttons include, a Smart Dyn Dual Slope Detection which will limit peaks while compressing the Average level, and an Auto Attack and Release which will help you set the compressor and forget it.

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