Dangerous Music Mastering Package

Complete Mastering Setup

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Complete mastering system including monitoring system, mastering console, mastering compression and EQ.

The Dangerous Music Complete Mastering System includes everything required for high-quality mastering. It includes:

  • Liaison
  • Master
  • Bax EQ
  • Compressor
  • Two Convert 2
  • Convert AD+
  • Monitor ST + Remote

Dangerous Music Liaison

The Dangerous Liaison is a flexible mastering-grade signal path and switching system that lets you combine your favourite piece of hardware in various configurations.

The Dangerous Liaison features two pristine parallel paths with up to six stereo or mono analogue insert points available instantly. Each of these insert points can be auditioned independently. With two parallel paths the Liaison lets you switch between two processors to immediately find the best option for your tracks. Favourite chains can easily be stored in one of the four preset storage provided for instant recall. A third parallel chain with Mix control knob is provided for inserts 2,4 and 6 allowing you to use these for parallel processing.

The Liaison is made entirely from mastering-grade components ensuring truly pristine audio signal. It uses straight-wire balanced signal paths void from any amplification to avoid any colouration to the signal, while the audio is relay-switched using gas-filled, bifurcated contact relays for completely silent switching.

Dangerous Music Master

Integrating the Power of Analog Processing in the Modern Mastering Environment

  • Designed by mastering engineers
  • Superb audio quality
  • Includes sum & difference processing
  • Integrates with the Dangerous Monitor

For years the top mastering engineers and the hottest mastering facilities have been using custom-designed tools that were not available to the rest of us. Until now. We have distilled the essence of those tools to create the Dangerous Master. The Dangerous Master will provide you with the insert loops, sum & difference processing, level offset, and stereo image width control that will turn your high-quality outboard equalizers and compressors into a truly professional mastering rig.

Built by the very same Chris Muth who designed the mastering equipment for many of New York's top mastering engineers and studios, the Dangerous Master forms the centerpiece of a fantastic mastering system. It will tie together your choice equalizers, compressors and de-essers by providing accurate level control, easy monitoring facility, matrix processing and stereo image control, all in a compact 2 RU package.

The integrated Input Monitor Offset allows you to focus on the sound of your master without being fooled by the pre- and post-process level differences.

The S&M matrix is an analogue sum and difference processor affording unprecedented control of stereo signals. Mastering engineers will enjoy the fact that S&M allows them to save seemingly unsalvageable tracks by altering vocal levels without touching the mix, by fixing overly wide or narrow stereo fields, or by de-essing aggressive cymbal hits while leaving the centre lead untouched.

Dangerous Master, combined with the Dangerous Monitor and your favourite processing gear, will provide you with what you need to turn any mix into a professional master. As with all Dangerous Music equipment, the Dangerous Master is designed by engineers, for engineers, and built by hand using the highest quality components.

Bax EQ

The Dangerous Music Bax EQ is a baxandall EQ built in response to demand from a professional studio community searching for unique sonic signatures, the Dangerous design team took inspiration from the classic Baxandall shelving curves of the 60's and 70's and created a unique equalizer with a 21st-century mastering aesthetic. The result is a pure emotive expression with audiophile accuracy.

"Unlike anything you have heard, but exactly like what you've been looking for." -Phil Demetro, Lacquer Channel Mastering

Dangerous Compressor

The Dangerous Compressor is a powerful and incredibly easy-to-use compressor with all the class and quality associated with Dangerous Music.

As with most products by Dangerous Music, the Dangerous Compressor offers a truly transparent operation with virtually no distortion even with -20dB of gain reduction. This is achieved through the use of a high-quality distortion-free VCA. A true Dual detector is also employed instead of the usual one detector used in linking operation, avoiding the narrowing of the stereo image experienced with many compressors. As a result, the Dangerous Compressor is ideal for mastering applications or as a transparent vocal compressor.

In addition to its great sound, the Compressor is extremely powerful and laden with features such as its flexible side-chain circuitry offering a Bass cut control and Sibilance. The former is ideal to avoid unnecessary triggering from low frequencies. A Sibilance Boost is also included which will control the excess sibilance and shrill sound without any post-compression hangover.

The Dangerous Compressor is also extremely simple to use. Simply press the button of your choice and turn the threshold knob to obtain great results in no time at all. Buttons include a Smart Dyn Dual Slope Detection which will limit peaks while compressing the Average level and an Auto Attack and Release which will help you set the compressor and forget it.


The Dangerous Music Convert-2 is an audiophile-grade stereo D/A converter designed to offer transparent yet musical performance.

The Dangerous Music Convert-2 builds upon the legacy of Dangerous digital audio converters such as those found in the DAC-ST, D-Box, and Source units, and incorporated some of the latest advancements in audio electronics technology to offer far superior performance. The Dangerous Convert-2 delivers a profoundly detailed sound with highly defined low end and unrivalled clarity throughout the audio spectrum.

The Convert-2 is the ultimate audiophile front end playback conversion for professionals and accepts five different digital formats: USB, AES, SPDIF, ADAT, optical SPDIF. In addition, this powerful DA converter builds on the bi-directivity of the USB protocol to both send and receive digital audio which means that the AES-22 input can be fed to the DAW from any other digital source. A unique volume knob allows the unit to control the L/R analogue outputs or to be removed entirely from the signal path and work with an external monitor controller. It can for example be used with the Monitor ST/SR for remote switching.

Dangerous Convert AD+

The Dangerous Music Convert AD+ is a no-compromise stereo Analogue to Digital Converter designed with proprietary jitter-elimination technology to deliver unrivalled transparency and musical detail.

The Dangerous Music Convert AD+ boasts a wide range of innovative features such as a switchable dual input that lets you compare between different mastering chains, or against reference tracks or between recording, mixing or mastering configurations.

Furthermore, the Convert AD+ uses a proprietary clip guard which unlike a limiter doesn't affect the signal but simply removes the clipping information ensuring your masters are as loud as they need to be without clipping.

It also offers two Hammond transformers wired in series which are designed to provide character, weight and vitality. An Emphasis control further lets you tweak the sound with a unique mixture of shelving EQ and compression, adding 2nd order harmonic for larger than life sound.

Dangerous' own Jitter Elimination Technology helps reduce jitter below the point of audible significance, offering reliable clock operation for articulate, impactful and dimensional.

Dangerous Monitor ST

The ultimate DAW companion

The Dangerous MONITOR ST is a remote-control accessed input source switcher/speaker switcher/cue system/talkback system /headphone amplifier all in a one rack space package.‚Ä®

The SR is a companion expansion module, providing full 5.1 capability. You can start in stereo with the ST and expand to surround later simply by adding the SR. No redundancy or obsolescence!‚Ä®

Configure and control your entire system from the comfort of your sweet spot.

You will hear the difference.

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