Dangerous Music S&M Limited Edition

Mid/Side Matrix

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Limited edition analogue sum and difference (mid-side) processor for stereo field adjustment, dynamic manipulation, track rescuing, sound quality enhancement, and creative sound crafting through analogue circuitry.

At a glance

  • Mid-side processing circuits designed by Chris Muth
  • Stepped Side Control
  • Limited Supply of 100 units
  • Occupies only 1 RU of space
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Hand built in the USA

The Dangerous Music S&M is an analogue sum and difference (mid-side) processor that offers engineers unprecedented control over stereo information. This device taps into the endless possibilities afforded by an engineer’s collection of outboard gear and creative vision. It facilitates intricate sound shaping by incorporating techniques such as compression, limiting, EQ, and de-essing.

Applications in Mastering

Mastering engineers benefit greatly from the S&M’s ability to rescue tracks that seem beyond repair. It adjusts vocal levels directly, corrects imbalances in stereo width, and selectively de-esses cymbals without affecting the central elements of a mix.

Utility in Mixing

Mix engineers find the S&M indispensable for isolating snare drums from overbearing overheads, enhancing the stereo spread of weak synths, and meticulously tailoring the stereo image of a mix without compromising the tonal integrity.

Creative Mixing Techniques

Innovative uses in the mix room include aggressively limiting the centre of a drum overhead pair while maintaining the sparkle and breadth of the sides. Running reverb and effects returns through the S&M to widen the stereo field enhances the mix’s depth. Expanding the rear channels in surround setups adds a remarkable depth and soundstage, all achieved through state-of-the-art analogue circuitry.

Construction and Quality

Hand-assembled with top-tier components and a commitment to quality, the Dangerous Music S&M is an essential tool for any dedicated mixing or mastering engineer.

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