DAV Electronics BG503

500 Series single slot 3-Band Decca Heritage Stepped EQ

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Single Channel, one slot 3 band EQ for 500 Series format inspired by the BG3 Mastering EQ

The DAV Electronics BG 503 is a Decca Heritage high-quality three band EQ for the hugely popular 500 Series format.

The DAV BG503 is a single channel EQ that takes one slot of your 500 Series rack. Featuring all stepped frequencies control, the High and Low frequency bands provide +/- 8dB of gain  while the Mid frequency band uses a resonant design with up to +/- 12dB and a Q factor of 1.5. Low band frequency steps include 12.5Hz, 25Hz, 50 Hz, 100Hz, 200 Hz, and 400Hz, while the High Frequency band covers 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz and 32kHz. The Mid band generously overlaps the LF and HF bands with frequencies including 240Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 3kHz, 4kHz and 5kHz.

Following the heritage of Decca Studio and inspired by the DAV BG3 Mastering EQ, the BG503 boasts electronically balanced input and output and exhibits low noise and low distortion. The result is a great sounding EQ.


Dav Electronics BG503 Overview:

Single Channel EQ for 500 Series format,

Electronically Balanced in/out

All Frequencies Switched

Decca Heritage

Clipping Level: + 27dBu

Unity Gain

Low Frequency Step: 12.5Hz,25Hz,50Hz,100Hz.200Hz and 400Hz

LF Gain: +/- 8 dB

High Frequency Step: 2KHz,4KHz,8KHz,12KHz,16KHz and 32KHz

HF Gain: +/- 8 dB

Mid Frequency Resonant: 240Hz,500Hz,750Hz, 3KHz,4KHz and 5KHz

MF Gain: +/-12 dB



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