DAV Electronics Summing Mixer

32 Channel Passive Summing Decca Heritage

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Passive 32 Input Summing Mixer from DAV Electronics.

The DAV Electronics Summing Mixer is a Passive 32 Input summing mixer built to the same Decca Heritage quality as the rest of the DAV Electronics range.

Designed to use your mic-preamps of choice for the make up gain, it could easily be partnered with the DAV Electronics BG1 mic-preamps.


DAV Electronics Summing Mixer Features:

32 inputs on 4 x DB25 connectors

Stereo outputs on XLR

SPECIFICATION : 32 WAY [16 left + 16 right]

Crosstalk @ 1K Hz -100 dB

P.48V Protected Inputs 4 x 25 way D-Types [ Tascam standard]

Outputs 2 x XLR

1U Rack : 150mm deep

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