Dave Hill Designs Europa 1

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The Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 is a solid state Class A mic/line Pre-amp with a revolutionary design concept Featuring no less than 91 transistors in the audio path in this unique design.


In addition to the usual phase, phantom power, gain and instrument input, the Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 features 3 controls to change the colour of the sound.

Odd and Even Harmonics let you add Harmonics to the sound which will add more or less distortion for a modern or vintage sound. The third control, Speed, directs how fast the preamp reacts to the incoming signal - it controls the Slew speed.


All three controls are built in series so their relationship changes in such a way that the Even Harmonics have an impact on the Speed and the Odd Harmonics controls affects both the Speed and Even harmonics.


To add further options, the Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 also features a 3-way impedance switch with impedances ranging from 300 Ohms, 2.2 kOhms and 200 kOhms offering further colour options. The instrument input boasts an impressive 1.2 MOhms. Extremely flexible, the Europa 1 features a very flexible 18dB per octave Low-Cut Filter with a choice of 8 Frequencies: 148 Hz, 130 Hz, 117 Hz, 100 Hz, 81 Hz, 63 Hz, 48 Hz, 33 Hz, and off. With 66dB of gain available, 30dB of gain on the line input and a maximum output level or +24dBu balanced.


The Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 can be used in a wide variety of situations and with any Microphone types. All of the controls are stepped offering repeatability of the settings for recording or mixing situations.



Dave Hill is the man behind Crane Song Ltd and Dave Hill Designs and is known as one of the foremost leading audio and digital product designers in the recording world. Comfortable in both software and hardware, Dave started his career by designing the original Summit Audio products before setting up Crane Song Ltd.


His combined knowlege of digital coding and analogue hardware design has allowed him to create Compressors, Preamps, Valve 500-Series, Monitor controllers and the worlds-lowest jitter D/A Converter under the Crane Song name whilst also designing the Avid HEAT software for use in Pro Tools HD.



Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 Features :


• Single channel mic/line preamp

• Three impedances selections: 2.2Kohms, 300ohm, or 1.2 Mohms

• Gain adjustable in 1db steps from 0 to 66dB on the mic input, 0 to 30dB

• Gain is displayed on a 2 digit led display

• Low cut filter with 3 pole, 18dB per octave: 148Hz, 130Hz, 117Hz, 100Hz, 81Hz, 63Hz, 48Hz, 33Hz, and off

• SPEED changes how fast the pre-amp can respond

• Even harmonic control provides 9 levels of colour from 0 to 8

• Odd harmonic control which also has 9 levels colour with the 0 setting being the cleanest in both cases

• Made In U.S.A

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