Sequential OB-6 Desktop

6-voice analogue synthesizer module

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a collaborative project between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim. Two of synths biggest legends coming together to create a truly beautiful 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer.

The Dave Smith OB-6 Module is a desktop 6 voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer.

OB-6 Desktop retains the key synthesis building blocks from the highly acclaimed OB6 keyboard, but provides the same lush analogue circuitry in a smaller, module format.

Probably one of the most important innovations in recent synthesizer history, the OB-6 represents coming together of two engineering greats Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim.

Based around the classic voice architecture of the SEM synthesizer voices, OB-6 includes 6 analogue voice with two true VCOs per voice. Coupled with and infamous state variable SEM inspired filter circuit, impressive modulation capabilities and a wide variety of effects.

OB-6 includes 500 onboard presets and 500 user configurable presets, all of which are easily accessed and browsed using the knob encrusted front panel.

The OB6 Module carries on Dave Smiths ethos of "no menu diving" ever single parameter is available on the front panel and allows for easy and intuitive programming.

With a classic tone and small footprint, the OB-6 desktop is perfect for both gigging musicians and studio pros alike.

The main features of the Dave Smith OB-6 Desktop Module include

  • 6 voice true analogue synthesizer
  • 2 VCO's and a sub VCO per voice
  • Flexible state variable analogue filter
  • One knob perfection user interface
  • Classic sound, modern feel

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