Sequential REV 2 16-Voice MODULE

Powerhouse 16 voice synthesizer

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£1,407.50 ex VAT
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16-Voice Desktop Module includes the full feature set from the REV2 keyboard, but forgoes the keyboard allowing you to control the synthesizer using whatever MIDI enabled means you see fit, based on the classic Prophet '08

The DSI REV2 is a powerhouse analogue synthesizer derived from the architecture from the modern classic Prophet'08, in true Dave Smith style, the REV 2 is also available as a keyboard-less 16-Voice Desktop Module.

The Prophet '08 was a game changer for the modern synth market, it was the first synthesizer produced by Dave Smith Instruments way back in 2005. Since it beared the Prophet name, the world was expecting something groundbreaking and DSI didn't disappoint. Not only did the Prophet08 have a very capable sonic architecture, it was affordable.

So, the Prophet 08 became a staple for sound designers, synth enthusiasts and producers alike. It stayed as part of the current DSI catalogue for years. It's only now in 2017 has Dave decided the revist the cult classic.

The REV2 is exactly what it says it is, revision two of the Prophet 08. This time it's available in both 8 and 16 voice configurations, keyboard and desktop versions and includes a staggering array of upgrades and improvements over its predecessor, including:

  • Waveshaping per voice
  • Effects per layer
  • Vastly improved modulation matrix
  • 2 or 4 pole curtis filter
  • Voices can be stacked and layered
  • Polyphonic sequencer

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