Sequential Prophet X Synthesizer

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The Sequential Circuits Prophet X is a unique bi-timbral hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith that combines comprehensive sample manipulation capabilities with an incredibly powerful synthesis engine, able to produce 8 voices in stereo or 32 voices in mono, the Prophet X is unlike any other Prophet that precedes it.

At the heart of the Dave Smith Prophet X is a brand new sound engine that provides simultaneous playback of two high resolution sample based instruments coupled with two digital oscillators, that all runs through lush analog filters. It's everything you'd expect from a Prophet….and MUCH MUCH more.

For the sample content Dave Smith turned to highly regarded sound developer company 8Dio, whose pioneering work is revered for its depth and complexity. They painstakingly capture every subtle nuance with meticulous accuracy, meaning the whopping 150GB of content pre loaded into the X is incredibly high quality and very diverse. And there's 50GB of space for users samples should you wish to make your own tones.

The Prophet X's way of addressing samples goes way deeper than simple playback. Each sound can be very finely tuned and manipulated using the four envelopes, four LFO's and powerful Dave Smith signature modulation matrix. So a sample can be looped, its playback position can be modulated and much much more, meaning granular synthesis textures are easily achieved and when coupled with the powerful synth engine and flexible effects section, a whole myriad of tones and textures become possible.

You can even sample in single cycle waveforms from your favourite machines and other sources to create your own oscillator shapes!

Speaking of effects, there's a dual effects engine inside the Prophet X which provides multiple different reverb types, two delay types, a chorus, flanger, phaser, leslie rotary speaker emulation, HPF and distortions, all of which can be modulated in real time from the modulation matrix.

All of this incredible sonic potential deserves a good UI, the Prophet X has;

61-note semi weighted keyboard with velocity and after touch.

Three OLED displays for simple visual feedback of the synthesis engines and more

A superb one knob per function interface that allows you to tweak to your heart's content without having to menu dive

64 step polyphonic step sequencer which supports up to 6 notes per step

The Prophet X is a sound designers dream, providing a seriously deep sonic architecture with a familiar UI that goes way beyond the complexities of any normal subtractive synthesizer.

The main features of the Sequential Circuits Prophet X include

  • 32 voice mono 8 voice stereo bi-timbral hybrid synthesizer
  • Combines both subtractive synthesis and sample based sounds
  • Analogue filters
  • Deep modulation matrix

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