Digital Audio Labs LiveMix CS-Duo

Personal Mixer

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Powerful and flexible dual personal monitor mixer, providing 24-channels each with EQ and compression and a large LCD touchscreen.

The Digital Audio Labs LiveMix CS-Duo is a dual 24-channel personal monitor mixer allowing two different musicians to have independent monitor mixes on the same unit.

The Digital Audio Labs LiveMix CS-Duo is incredibly intuitive and allows musicians to get the best sound for them very quickly. With EQ, dynamics and reverb on each channel, the CS-Duo lets you get a great mix easily. From the large LCD touchscreen to the large knobs and clever layout everything is here to help you get your monitor perfect for your performance.

In addition to the LCD touch screen are three knobs which give you quick access to the controls you need. The “Me” knob will let you quickly set the volume of your channel while the Adjust Volume and Pan knob will give you quick controls for each of the 24 channels you wish to tweak. A powerful group function lets you create up to 5 groups including a “Me” group which allows you to control several channels simultaneously at the touch of the knob. This is a great feature if you sing and play an instrument at the same time.

An ambient room microphone also lets you hear ambient room for a natural feel even when monitoring through headphones or earbuds. These can be blended to your own mix for a more natural feel. The ambient microphone can also be used for the Intercom function which lets you communicate with other musicians.

Digital Audio Labs LiveMix CS-Duo Main Features:

  • 24 channels
  • Button, knob & touchscreen control
  • Receive up to 24 channels from multiple Dante™ devices
  • Button, knob & touchscreen control
  • 1/8” and 1/4” headphone outs
  • EQ, HPF, & dynamics with presets on every channel
  • Ambient mic & intercom
  • Auxiliary input

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