Doepfer Dark Time Analogue Sequencer

Analogue Step Sequencer


The Doepfer Dark Time is a 16-Step MIDI and CV Sequencer.

The Doepfer Dark Time is a 16-Step MIDI and CV Sequencer.

Dark Time is a powerful multi-channel MIDI and CV sequencer, it's able to run as a 2x8 dual lane sequencer or a 1x16 single lane. Dark Time features a wide range of connectivity and as such is compatible with almost any MIDI and CV equipped gear.

Clock sources on the Dark Time include internal, external via MIDI and USB or external analogue pulse (clock input) so you're free to work from any source in your system.

A perfect partner for a live setup thanks to it's plentiful IO, wide range of clocking options and other unique features, such as;

On the fly transposition of either group of step using the front panel switches, great for quick changes mid song.

Multiple outputs, allowing you to drive multi synths or voices at once.

Several running directions and playmodes, perfect for off the cuff changes during performance.

Rugged build quality, all metal chassis and real wood panels make this sequencer roadworthy.

Easy to use, familiar user interface for quick and inspiring pattern creation.

The main features of the Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer include

Small format MIDI and CV sequencer

Lots of IO for multiple sources and high level of connectivity

Perfect for live or studio use

Multiple clock sources

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