DPA S5 Surround/Decca Tree Mount

Microphone Mount

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Surround Mount.

At a glance

  • Elegant, yet unobtrusive microphone mount for a broad variety of surround microphone arrays
  • Attaches to your stands - Fits both 5/8 inch and 3/8 inch via thread converter
  • Weight: 2500 g (88 oz) w. microphone holders
  • Surface: Non-light reflective
  • Material: Anodized aluminium with assembly threads of stainless steel
  • Colour: Black

The DPA S5 Surround Mount. Elegant, yet unobtrusive microphone mount for a broad variety of surround microphone arrays.

The DPA S5 Surround Mount is a highly versatile and stylish microphone mount. The Surround Mount provides extreme flexibility due to its unique building block design. It allows for numerous configurations while providing visual elegance. In the concert hall, the mount is hardly visible and completely non-light reflective. The mount is equally suitable for fixed installations and mobile setups and can be neatly packed away into the supplied briefcase for easy transportation. Compact and extremely lightweight, the Surround Mount is very strong and stable. Although the array is optimized for use with DPA microphones, it accommodates all microphone holders, and a broad variety of surround microphone arrays can be set up very neatly. Arrays like OCT2, Hamasaki Square, Fukada Tree, and the DPA speciality WCSA (Wide Cardioid Surround Array) are possible with the S5. Expandability is possible at all times and only your imagination is the limit. It's elegant, yet unobtrusive, qualities and ability to reproduce any array accurately makes the S5 an obvious choice. The S5 comes with a measuring tape and the unique DPA protractor, making precise distance and angling possible without having large and clumsy devices permanently fixed on the booms.

The S5 includes:

  • 1 x UA0962 Microphone Holder for integrated cable in D3/S5,
  • 1 x PMH5000 Protractor for Microphone Holder,
  • 1 x MT5000 Measuring Tape,
  • 1 x TEU5000 Telescopic Extension Unit,
  • 1 x RCD5000 Rear Centre Disc,
  • 8 x SEU5000 Short Extension Unit,
  • 9 x LEU5000 Long Extension Unit,
  • 5 x TBH5000 Telescopic Boom with Microphone Holder
  • 1 x CD5000 Centre Disc

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