Drawmer 1971 Dual Parametric EQ

Stereo Parametric Equaliser

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Dual-channel, 4-band parametric EQ featuring fully variable frequency controls, cut and boost options, adjustable filter bandwidths on mid bands, low and high cut filters adjustable from 10Hz to 225Hz and 4kHz to 32kHz, switchable slopes on low and high bands, and a unique Crush button that adds a fixed time constant auto-gain makeup compressor and harmonics.

At a glance

  • Dual-channel operation with 4-band parametric EQ
  • Precision stepped potentiometers for accurate recall
  • Fully variable frequency control on all bands
  • Variable bandwidth on mid bands
  • Low and high cut filters from 10Hz to 225Hz and 4kHz to 32kHz
  • Switchable slope settings on low and high bands
  • Unique Crush button adds musically harmonious effects
  • Ideal for both subtle mastering and robust sculpting

The Drawmer 1971 is a dual-channel 4-band EQ with a unique crush function designed to captivate audio professionals. This innovative feature incorporates a fixed time constant, auto gain makeup compressor, widening the bandwidth for a rounder sound, and introducing pleasing harmonics and saturation. Offering exceptional flexibility, the Crush feature is available on each band and controlled by the cut/boost knob, allowing users to dial in their desired intensity.

Precision and Versatility in Design

Crafted with dual-channel precision, the Drawmer 1971 includes stepped potentiometers for swift and accurate adjustments. Each of the four bands features variable frequency controls with both cut and boost capabilities. The midbands boast fully variable filter bandwidth controls, allowing users to hone in on narrow sections of the audio spectrum or apply wider, more natural-sounding filters. It also incorporates low and high-cut filters, adjustable from 10Hz to 225Hz and 4kHz to 32kHz, respectively, ideal for eliminating unwanted frequencies. The low and high bands offer switchable slope settings, enhancing flexibility in shaping audio frequencies.

Advanced Control Features

The 1971 stands out with its switchable slope settings on the low and high band filters, offering choices of 6, 9, and 12dB per octave. It also has a Peak setting that boosts the impact of low frequencies, especially effective on kick drums. This versatility makes the 1971 incredibly effective for fine-tuning mixes and addressing issues in specific recordings.

Unique Crush Feature

A distinctive feature of the Drawmer 1971 is the Crush button, available on each band. This function introduces a fixed time constant, auto-gain makeup compressor, enriching the signal with musically pleasing harmonics and a wider bandwidth. The Crush effect intensifies as more boost is applied, proving particularly effective across different frequency bands to enhance instruments like drums, bass, guitars, and vocals.

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