Drawmer 1973 Three-Band Stereo Compressor

CAP2: 124500.0
£1,255.00 £1,494.00
£1,045.83 ex VAT
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Stereo FET Three-band compressor with soft knee compression an all bands

The Drawmer 1973 is a stereo FET three-band multi-band compressor inspired by the world-class Drawmer S3 the 1960 and 1968 processors.

The Drawmer 1973 provides transparent soft-knee compression on all three-bands with variable 6dB/oct crossover points. In addition to the usual Threshold, Attack, Release and Gain makeup, each band features a bypass and mute function giving you much more flexibility and letting you tune in the frequency you want to compress easily. Two modes, Big and Air, are included to help preserve the very deep lows and enhance the sparkle in your highs. Parallel compression is also possible with a Wet/ Dry knobs and output gain control.

Two analogue VU metres are included with switchable +10dB metre modes and a switchable Peak mode to display fast transients. The 1973 is built with the same quality found on all Drawmer products wih a rugged steel chassis and aluminium front panel. An internal hum toroidal linear power supply with voltage selector switch is also included.

Drawmer 1973 Stereo FET Multi-band Compressor:

  • Standard intuitive controls such as Threshold, Gain, Switched Attack & Release with Gain Reduction Metering on Each Band.
  • Fast Reacting Soft Knee F.E.T. Design with excellent Left/Right Tracking across the Full Range of compression.
  • Variable Wet/Dry Mix plus Output Gain knobs give Complete and Effortless Control over Parallel Compression and Output Levels.
  • Variable Band Split Filters at a 6dB Per Octave slope with Switch-able Mute and Bypass on Each Band make 'Tuning In' to a Frequency Simple.
  • ‘Big’ and 'Air' Modes Help to preserve the Very Deep Lows and Enhance the Sparkling Highs.
  • Two Analogue VU Meters with Switchable +10dB Meter Rescale Modes and a Switchable ‘Peak’ mode to Display Fast Transients Not Normally Seen on Conventional VUs.
  • Internal Low Hum Toroidal Linear Power Supply With Voltage Selector Switch
  • Classic Drawmer Build Quality with Rugged Steel Chassis and Aluminium Front Panel.

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