Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip

Channel Strip

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Powerful Channel Strip that offers unparalleled control over audio clarity, precision, and warmth. With its ultra-clean preamplifier, versatile equalizer, vintage compression, and variable harmonic saturation, it delivers exceptional sound shaping capabilities. Featuring customizable signal path order and convenient output controls, this channel strip is a must-have for professionals seeking vintage charm in their recordings.

At a glance

  • Vintage inspired Channel Strip for the Modern Era.
  • THAT Corporation ultra clean mic preamplifier with 66dB of gain
  • Phantom power and switchable mic impedance for accurate mic matching.
  • Dedicated XLR for ultra clean direct pre-amp output and also for the overall output.
  • FETs can be bypassed altogether to provide ultra clean outputs.
  • Variable high pass filter
  • Vintage-style three band full parametric EQ inspired by 1970’s-era analogue gear
  • Compressor includes ‘Big’ and ‘Air’ Modes 
  •  Rear panel Side-chain insert point provides even further control.
  • 3 types of variable Saturation for vintage warmth.
  • Swappable EQ and Compressor with individual bypass
  • Variable Wet/Dry Mix plus Output Gain knobs 
  • Backlit Analogue V.U. Meter with Switchable +10dB Rescale Mode.
  • Time delay relays on the output for clean power up/down.
  • Internal Low Hum Toroidal Linear Power Supply with Voltage Selector Switch.
  • Classic Drawmer build quality with rugged steel chassis and aluminium front panel.
  • Designed and Handmade by Drawmer in the UK.

The Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip is a powerful tool for professionals looking to infuse their recordings with vintage characteristics and analogue musicality. With its impressive features, this channel strip offers unrivalled control over the audio's clarity, precision, and warmth.

The Drawmer 1977 is equipped with an ultra-clean preamplifier that guarantees pristine recordings. Its versatile functionality includes mic, line, and instrument DI options, offering 66dB of stepped gain. Whether you require transparent and precise recordings, the ability to enhance lacklustre audio, or the means to refine your guitar sound, this exceptional preamplifier consistently delivers outstanding results. Furthermore, the mic matching feature, achieved through a switched impedance, optimizes the performance of every microphone in your studio, irrespective of whether it is a high-end or ribbon microphone.

Sonic Precision and Versatility Parametric Equalizer and Customizable Signal Path

The actual 'parametric' equalizer draws inspiration from 1970s-era analogue gear, offering three bands of fully variable frequency control, with cut and boost capabilities of up to +/-12dB. Moreover, the mid band allows for fully variable bandwidth control, making it versatile for anything from subtle fine-tuning to tone sculpting problematic recordings.

The Drawmer 1977 gives you the freedom to customize your signal path order. You can choose between Gain-Equalizer-Compressor-Output or Gain-Compressor-Equalizer-Output, each providing a distinct tonal quality and colouration for your recordings.

Dynamic Control and Vintage Warmth

With its silky smooth vintage compression, this channel strip lets you take complete control over the dynamics of your recordings. The trademark 'Big' and 'Air' modes preserve the deep lows and enhance the sparkling highs, ensuring your audio retains its entire range.

When it comes to saturation, the Drawmer 1977 doesn't disappoint. The compressor section includes three styles of variable harmonic saturation, allowing you to add warmth and character to your recordings with precision.

Optimize Audio Levels and Monitoring 

The output section of the channel strip offers convenient features for achieving the perfect level. The wet/dry mix for parallel processing lets you quickly dial in the desired amount of EQ, compression, and saturation using a single knob. You can also utilize the output fade control to add fade-outs or match the level to high-end audio interface input levels. The large backlit VU meter ensures accurate monitoring throughout your recording process. The Preamp Direct switch also bypasses the EQ, compressor, and saturation entirely, delivering an ultra-clean microphone output.

In summary, the Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip brings vintage charm to the modern era, providing professionals with unparalleled control over their recordings' clarity, tone, and warmth. With this exceptional tool, you can confidently capture perfect audio every time.

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