Drawmer CMC2

Compact monitoring controller

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Compact monitoring controller with three input sources and two speaker outputs with a mono/sub

The Drawmer CMC2 is a compact monitoring controller with three input sources and two speaker outputs with a sub.

The Drawmer CMC2 boasts the same audio circuitry as its bigger siblings MC2.1 and MC3.1 but with a restricted feature set. Designed primarily for the home studio it features two stereo input sources and an additional aux input source with dedicated level control. A choice of two pairs of outputs is provided for monitor section with a third output used for a sub or a mono speaker such as a grotbox. A headphone output is also provided at the front with a dedicated headphone level control.

A mix check section with Polarity reversal, mono sum and dim are provided allowing you to quickly access key features for monitoring.

Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller Main Features:

  • Compact monitoring controller
  • Ultra low noise and transparent circuit design.
  • Linear power supply with low hum toroidal transformer and internal voltage selector switch.
  • 2 stereo balanced speaker outputs, plus a dedicated mono speaker/sub-woofer output.
  • Mix checking facilities including Phase Reverse, Mono, Dim, Mute.
  • Parallelled custom quad pots on main and headphone level controls for excellent channel matching and smooth feel.
  • Three inputs including two TRS Jack and 3.5mm jack.
  • One headphone amplifier with dedicated level control.
  • Rugged steel chassis and stylish brushed aluminium cover.

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