Drawmer D-Clock-R

Wordclock distribution

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Dual Redundant Clock Distribution That You Can Depend Upon Time & Time Again.

At a glance

  • Dual Redundant Power Supply via 2 x universal voltage filtered mains power inlets for continuous operation & reliability.
  • D-Clock-R Power Supplies providing Dual Redundancy.
  • LCD Display with 3 sample rate measurement modes and accurate to 2ppm.
  • Auto-Sensing Dual Redundant WordClock/AES3id BNC Inputs provide continuous operation and added dependability.
  • Two inputs capable of locking on to both word clock and AES-3id 
  • Twelve BNC clock outputs are situated on the rear panel with a further four on the front panel for quick patching to other digital devices.


Expanding on the renowned D-Clock in providing word clock measurement and distribution, the Drawmer D-Clock-R has been developed with not only studio recording in mind but also the live and broadcast environment, where reliability and stability are absolutely imperative.

Designed for fail-safe operation the D-Clock-R incorporates dual redundancy for both the power supplies and also the auto-sensing clock inputs, ensuring that the show will go on regardless of technical difficulties.

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