Drawmer MC1.1 Monitoring Controller and Headphone Amp

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Monitoring Controller and Headphone Preamp with additional Line in and RIAA preamp

The Drawmer MC1.1 is a monitoring controller and headphone amplifier with additional Line and RIAA preamp designed to provide exceptional sonic quality.

The Drawmer MC1.1 has been designed for less complex post production booth or even home use with no multiple speaker setups and features instead a RIAA phono preamp for connecting a vinyl player.

The MC1.1 lets you choose between three different sources choosing between Balanced inputs, Phono, or all three simultaneously. A choice of two monitoring setup is provided with an additional Sub which can also be used as a Mono Sum if no subwoofer is connected.

The headphone preamp is controlled by a separate dial from the main volume control making easy to keep level consistent for monitoring applications.

Drawmer MC1.1 Monitor Controller and Headphone Preamp Main Features:

  • Three input sources, Balanced, 3.5mm jack & RCA switchable between line and RIAA Phono
  • Two switchable output stages, Balanced XLR and RCA
  • Mono Sub-woofer output available simultaneous to balanced outs
  • Independent volume control for headphones
  • Quad interleaved parallel pots for excellent L-R channel matching
  • Time delay relays on line outputs for clean power up/down.
  • Internal Low Hum Toroidal Linear Power Supply With Voltage Selector Switch
  • Rugged steel chasis and stylish brushed aluminium cover, unboxed weight 2.5kg.
  • Dimensions: L 250mm x W 210mm x H 82mm
  • Designed and manufactured by Drawmer in the UK.

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