Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller

Monitor Controller

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Monitor Controller featuring four inputs, 6 stereo balanced outputs with trim controls, a mono output, individual left and right trims and a transparent active circuit .

At a glance

  • Ultra-low noise and transparent circuit design.
  • Linear power supply with low hum toroidal transformer and internal voltage selector switch.
  • 3 stereo balanced speaker outputs, plus a dedicated mono speaker/sub-woofer output. All have individual left & right trims under the unit to provide complete control over level matching.
  • Timed relay protection on all speaker outputs to prevent power up/down bangs.
  • Comprehensive mix checking facilities including Left/Right Cut, Phase Reverse, Mono, Dim, Mute.
  • Parallelled custom quad pots on main and headphone level controls for excellent channel matching and smooth feel.
  • Four inputs including balanced Neutrik XLR, balanced Neutrik XLR/JACK COMBI, and shared aux phono or 3.5mm jack.
  • Two headphone amplifiers with individual level controls.
  • Built-in talkback microphone with level control, mono output jack and internal headphone routing.
  • Rugged steel chassis and stylish brushed aluminium cover.
  • Can be stacked and is rack-mountable (with a 2U mounting kit).
  • Dimensions: L 272mm x W 215mm x H 81mm. Weight: 2.5kg.

The Drawmer MC2.1 is a flexible and intuitive monitor controller designed to provide clarity, fidelity and transparency to faithfully reproduce what has been recorded.

The Drawmer MC2.1 features everything you need to check your mixes and more. With four inputs, three stereo balanced speaker outputs and a mono sub or speaker output each with its own left and right trim control, the MC2.1 gives you a wide range of options allowing you to do simple A/B comparison, solo speakers in a 5.1 surround or multi-speaker system, check how your mix translates on mono grot boxes or bypass the sub. To ensure level consistency between all speakers, each output features a trim control under the unit

The Drawmer MC2.1 monitor controller uses a unique ultra-low noise and transparent active circuit designed to respect the integrity of the signal while doing away with many of the drawbacks found in passive designs. In an effort to deliver the best possible sound, Drawmer has included a linear power supply with a low hum toroidal transformer and time relay protection to avoid bangs on powering up or down of the unit.

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