Dreadbox Euphoria

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At a glance

  • Eight-stage analog phase shifter
  • Wide-ranging voltage controlled triangle wave LFO
  • Create phase-shifted AM sounds
  • Uses classic analog OTA chips
  • Accepts modular 10Vpp or line-level 500mVpp signals
  • Feedback with CV input for extra harmonic emphasis
  • Manual control over phase shifting
  • Eight-stage and mixed outputs

The Dreadbox Euphoria is a remarkable Eurorack module that introduces an analogue phaser's rich and warm characteristics to your modular synthesizer setup. This module features an eight-stage phase shifter crafted with authentic OTA chips, ensuring it delivers the distinctive and classic phaser sound that analogue enthusiasts crave.

One of the standout features of the Euphoria module is its modulating triangle wave LFO. This LFO boasts an impressive frequency range, from leisurely one-minute sweeps and extending up to audio-rate modulation. Additionally, it offers a CV input complete with an attenuator, granting you precise control over modulation parameters. Whether you prefer to utilize the module's internal LFO or external modulation sources, the Euphoria module provides the tools to create intricate phase-shifted amplitude modulation (AM) textures.

Euphoria offers feedback control and a dedicated CV input to shape your sound further, allowing you to emphasize the phase-shifted harmonics in your audio signal. This module is designed to accept modular and line-level signals, seamlessly integrating external instruments into your Eurorack setup. With the Dreadbox Euphoria, the timeless and captivating world of analogue phase shifting is now readily available as an essential Eurorack module.


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