Dreadbox Hypnosis Time Effects Processor


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Compact, visually striking retro-inspired stereo effects processor that combines an analogue reverb with unique pitch modulation, a versatile chorus/flanger for dynamic soundscapes, and a lush digital delay to enhance track width, all crafted by the renowned effects manufacturer Dreadbox.

At a glance

  • Inspired by vintage effects for a retro twist
  • Combines analogue reverb, chorus-flanger, and digital delay
  • Compact and visually striking design
  • Spring reverb with unique pitch modulation
  • Versatile chorus/flange effect for dynamic soundscapes
  • Lush digital delay enhances track width
  • Crafted by Dreadbox, known for high-quality effects

The Dreadbox Hypnosis is a sterling example of vintage-inspired sonic excellence, designed to enthral audio professionals with its retro charm. This stereo effects processor draws inspiration from the classic soundscapes of yesteryears, seamlessly blending an analogue reverb, a chorus-flanger, and a digital delay within a strikingly attractive chassis. Compact enough to grace any desktop setup, Hypnosis encapsulates the essence of three iconic effects, each offering a depth of sonic exploration.

Dreadbox, renowned for its exceptional effects craftsmanship, ensures that Hypnosis delivers unparalleled depth and interest in its effects. Whether transforming a basic bass line or an intricate arpeggiated lead, Hypnosis adds layers of evocative textures, reviving the spirit of old-school sound engineering.

Retro Effects with Modern Fidelity

  • Three-Tank Spring Reverb: Delivers expansive reverberations coupled with a unique pitch modulation circuit, setting Hypnosis apart with its distinctive sonic character.
  • Analogue Chorus/Flanger: Offers versatile modulation options, from subtle shifts to rapid fluctuations, adding new dimensions to leads and chords.
  • Digital Delay: Provides lush, expansive echoes that enhance track width, ideal for enriching bass pulsations and vibrant chord sequences.

The Hypnosis doesn’t just excel in sound manipulation; it also pays homage to the visual aesthetic of the 80s. The device boasts a visually arresting design, featuring a hot pink illuminated spring and an aqua-on-pink interface against a night sky backdrop, stimulating creativity and evoking a retro-futuristic vibe.

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