Dreadbox Hysteria

Eurorack performance VCO

CAP2: 9833.0
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a wide range analogue oscillator with an on-board quantizer and CV addressable waveshaper

The Dreadbox Hysteria is part of the Chromatic Range of Eurorack modules, which form a collection of unique 10HP circuits that offer a variety of functions varying from oscillators through to bit-crushing filters and more.

Hysteria is a unique performance focused oscillator circuit, which includes several unique features including an onboard quantizer, voltage control over octave switching, semi tone, the waveform and wavefolding of said waveform.

Yiannis’s VCO circuits have always been praised for their unique tonality and buzzy quality, the said character is ever present on Hysteria, boasting a fantastic tone with lots of fantastic features.

At just 35mm deep and 10HP wide, the Chromatic series offers so much for such a little price and space investment.

The main features of the Dreadbox Hysteria include:

  • 10HP performance oscillator
  • Onboard quantizer
  • Voltage control octave switching
  • Voltage control over quantizer semi tone root
  • Onboard waveshaper and wave folder
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