Dreadbox KOMOREBI Analogue Effects Pedal

Analogue Effects Pedal

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BBD Based Analogue Effects Pedal

The Dreadbox KOMO REBI is a fully analogue effects pedal that employs a bucket bridge delay array to produce a variety of lush time based effects like chorus and flanger.


Dreadbox have a rich back catalogue of effects pedals ranging from analogue filters, to bit crush to their wonderfully unique modular effects range, Komo Rebi is the latest addition to their effects line-up, a modified analogue BBD equipped pedal with modular connectivity.


KomoRebi is equipped with a wide range analogue input that can accept level from instruments all the way through to super hot modular, making a very versatile pedal for multiple applications.


This pedal has three waveforms, a ramp up and ramp down for harsher rhythmical “reset” type sounds and a super smooth triangle waveform for softer modulations.

The main features of the Dreadbox Komo Rebi include

  • BBD based analogue effects pedal
  • Delay time 2ms up to 30ms
  • Modular connectivity for enhanced sound design applications
  • Ideal for guitars, bass, synths and more
  • Uses a dedicated 15v DC PSU

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