Dreadbox Raindrops

Stereo Delay Pich and Reverb pedal


Hybrid stereo delay, pitch shifter and reverb pedal with true stereo I/O, multiple delay stages and three different algorithms.

At a glance

  • Circuit: analog dry signal, hybrid delay, digital reverb
  • Bypass: buffered opamp
  • Audio: True stereo in/out
  • In/Out: TS unbalanced 6,4mm jacks
  • Power: 9VDC boss style center negative 2,1mm

The Dreadbox Raindrops is a hybrid stereo delay, pitch shifter and reverb pedal capable of creating a wide sonic palette ranging from simple echos or pitch-shifted sounds to long dirty lo-fi delays and lush reverbs. 

The Dreadbox Raindrops uses a hybrid circuit with multiple delay stages and different chips providing three different modes: modulated delay, pitch shifter delay and lusting reverb.

Raindrops offers delay times ranging between 50ms all the way to 1sec and includes a Tap Tempo. Degradation of the repeats starts to occur above 700ms for Lo-fi delay effects.. 

With true stereo in and out, the Dreadbox Raindrops is ideal for synthesizers. It also provides the option to save presets for each algorithm.

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