Dreadbox Treminator

Analogue tremolo pedal

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Analogue tremolo pedal with a wide range LFO, two envelope generators and three CV patch points.

At a glance

  • Expressive analog tremolo 
  • VCA circuit straight out of a synthesizer
  • Wide range LFO (20 sec - 220hz)
  • Tap tempo with multiple division settings
  • 2 x envelope generators to control LFO behaviour
  • 3 patch points to interact with CV and modular gear 

The Dreadbox Treminator is an analogue tremolo pedal with a wide-ranging LFO, two envelope generators and three CV patch points.

The Dreadbox Treminator is inspired by synthesizers and uses a VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) circuit to create an expressive tremolo effect. The included LFO has a huge range from 20 seconds to 220Hz, well into the audio range. Two envelopes are also provided to shape the curve of the LFO, while a three-position toggle switch provides a choice of subdivision of the tap tempo.

Three CV patch points are also provided to connect with modular equipment or CV-enabled synthesizers.

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