Dreadbox Utopia

Eurorack voltage source and CV manipulation

CAP2: 7917.0
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a multi-tool of CV and audio processing, with mixer, attenuverters, offset generators and a unique "pulserizer" circuit

The Dreadbox Uptopia is part of the Chromatic Range of Eurorack modules, which form a collection of unique 10HP circuits that offer a variety of functions varying from oscillators through to bit-crushing filters and more.

The Utopia module is a swiss army knife of voltage tools, including a four input mixer, offset generator, a square wave LFO and a unique pulserizer circuit, with the later operating as a crude envelope follower come bit crusher.

Utopia is the kind of module you don’t think you need until you actually put it into a patch, attenuverters are great for performance allowing your change the polarity an incoming signal to it’s destination, offsets allowing you to send fixed voltages to a destination and you all know LFO’s have tonne of uses, from diving events to making small subtle changes to a modulation destination.

At just 23mm deep and 10HP wide, the Chromatic series offers so much for such a little price and space investment.

The main features of the Dreadbox Utopia include:

  • 10HP CV and Audio manipulation tool
  • 4-3 mixer which can also serve as a buffered multiple
  • Onboard LFO
  • Offset generator
  • Pulserizer circuit, which converts incoming audio into a square wave
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