DuTCH.audio IC2.1 Insert Computer

Mastering Insert Switcher

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Mastering-grade insert switcher that combines analogue circuitry with digital interfacing, offering flexible control options, VST3/AU plugin compatibility, direct AB comparisons, passive signal paths via sealed relays, bypassable active gains, blend modes, mid/side processing, and a clear, easy-to-read display for professional mastering and recording environments.

At a glance

  • Connect up to 9 stereo analogue processors and process to your liking, the centrepiece for the most demanding studios.
  • Every function has a dedicated pushbutton and control encoder and no complex and user-unfriendly menus.
  • Instant recall and automation using the VST3/AU plugin connected to your network.
  • All inputs, outputs and inserts switching employ sealed relays, ensuring a fully passive signal path.
  • There are 2 stereo inputs (XLR), 9 stereo inserts (1-8 analogue DB25 standard, 9 XLR), and 2 stereo outputs (XLR).
  • Transparent active input and output gains, blend/parallel and mid/side processing.

The Dutch Audio IC2.1 is a mastering-grade insert switcher merging distinguished analogue circuitry with state-of-the-art digital interfacing. This insert switcher excels in demanding mastering studios and seamlessly integrates into recording studios, redefining versatility and performance in professional audio equipment.

Unparalleled Control and Compatibility

The Dutch Audio IC2.1 features an elegant, user-friendly front panel offering a range of flexible control options. It supports VST3/AU plugins via a network connection, enabling users to save, recall, and automate settings efficiently. Direct AB comparisons of intricate settings become straightforward through the plugin or the front panel's snapshot recall functionality. With dedicated pushbuttons and control encoders for each function, it ensures immediate access without needing to navigate complex menus.

Superior Connectivity and Audio Quality

The IC2.1 boasts two stereo inputs, nine stereo analogue inserts, and two stereo outputs, all employing sealed relays for switching. This design guarantees a fully passive signal path, free from any unwanted electronic colouration, maintaining the audio signal's integrity.

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