Dynamount X2-R robotic microphone mount

Robotic Microphone positioning system

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Robotic microphone mount with dual axes and rotation offering effortless mic placement via Wi-Fi and USB

The Dynamount X2-R is the next generation microphone positioning with dual axes and rotation controls over Mac, PC, iOS and Android.

The Dynamount X2-R features a brand new ultra-quiet drive with 10 times finer control offering unrivalled precision. The microphone mounting system is remote controlled via the included USB Controller or via an App on a computer or iOS and Android devices. The app provides ultimate control as well as the option of saving several presets for A/B comparisons.

The X2-R can be further augmented with optional accessories such as the Z-Axis mount adding control over the height axis and a Capsule-Lock device that allows the rotation of the microphone while maintaining the distance of the capsule to the source.

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