Dynaudio Core 5 (Pair)

Active Two-Way Studio Monitor

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Active two-way studio monitor with two 280W class-D Pascal amplifiers, advanced DSP for flat bass response, precision soft-dome Cerotar Pro tweeter, MSP woofer for accurate bass, DSP filters for room adaptation, Sound Balance options, and versatile placement possibilities, ensuring optimal performance in any nearfield monitoring scenario.

At a glance

  • Compact and versatile two-way active studio monitor suitable for limited spaces
  • Integrated with two 280W class-D Pascal amplifiers for each speaker
  • Advanced DSP technology for precise sound reproduction
  • 28mm Cerotar Pro tweeter and 5in MSP woofer for detailed and accurate audio across the frequency range
  • Customisable DSP filters and Sound Balance options for room adaptation
  • Flexible placement options including stacking, mounting, and hanging

The Dynaudio Core 5 is a two-way active studio monitor, the most compact offering in Dynaudio's range of high-end professional reference monitors. It caters to the growing need for high-quality audio production in limited spaces, offering an exceptional solution for immersive audio setups requiring up to 16 speakers. This monitor thrives in smaller environments, from recording studios to OB trucks, providing the essential SPL without overwhelming the space.

Optimised Design for Limited Spaces

Designed for nearfield monitoring, the Core 5 showcases its prowess in confined areas. Whether it's a stereo setup or providing additional depth in an immersive audio configuration, this monitor delivers without compromise. Its design integrates two 280W class-D Pascal amplifiers per speaker, driving the mid/woofer and tweeter, and boasts advanced DSP technology for a flat bass response extending down to 45Hz at -6dB and 51Hz at ±3dB.

Advanced Audio Precision

At the heart of its acoustic excellence is the 28mm Cerotar Pro tweeter, featuring a soft-dome diaphragm and Hexis inner dome to eliminate resonance, extending up to 30kHz. It ensures detailed sound reproduction over long sessions without listener fatigue. The 5-inch woofer, made from Dynaudio's MSP material, provides an accurate bass response down to 45Hz, highlighting the monitor's ability to effectively reveal any mix issues.

Customisable Sound and Setup

The Core 5 has the latest digital technology, including two DSP filters for adjusting to various room positions and boundaries and Sound Balance options to tailor the monitor's output between 'Bright', 'Neutral', and 'Dark' presentations. These adjustments preserve phase response and timing, maintaining a clear soundstage.

Versatile Placement Options

Dynaudio has designed the Core 5 for flexibility in placement. Its stackable design, with precise indentations for alignment with other Core series speakers and subs, supports mounting on stands or hanging from optional brackets in any orientation. This versatility ensures the Core 5's integration into any nearfield monitoring scenario, maximising precision for the producer and their audience.

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