Dynaudio Core Sub Compact

Active Studio Subwoofer

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Compact Active Subwoofer with extended frequency range, high output level, comprehensive DSP controls, significant amplification power, minimal space requirements, seamless family integration, adaptable unit configuration for even bass, advanced vibration reduction, and a robust construction for accurate bass management, epitomising the ideal professional subwoofer experience.

At a glance

  • Digs down to 16Hz
  • Outputs 109dB at a 1m listening distance
  • Full DSP control suite
  • 280W high-quality Pascal amplification for twin drive units
  • Occupies minimal space
  • Seamless integration with Dynaudio Core family
  • Multiple unit usage for even bass distribution
  • Innovative opposed configuration for vibration reduction
  • Rigid aluminium core, paper damping, and MSP material for solid bass

The Dynaudio Core Sub Compact is a compact active subwoofer with capabilities that belie its size. Space constraints in many studios and the burgeoning equipment needed to create immersive content necessitate a compact and powerful system. The Dynaudio Core Sub Compact meets this challenge head-on, offering a solution that doesn't compromise performance despite its smaller footprint.

A Small Giant in Performance

Despite being half the size of its full-size counterpart, the Dynaudio Core Sub Compact delivers on all performance fronts. It reaches depths of 16Hz and can produce 109dB at a listening distance of 1m, ensuring its presence is unmistakable in a small studio. Equipped with a full suite of DSP controls from the Core family, it boasts 280W of high-quality Pascal amplification for each of its twin drive units without occupying valuable floor or wall space. This subwoofer challenges users to find a low frequency it can't manage, regardless of the project.

Unmatched Processing Power

Though smaller, the Core Sub Compact does not skimp on processing power. It utilises the same amp module and DSP engine across the Dynaudio Core family, offering unparalleled customisation options. From handling a simple 2.1-channel system to powering a comprehensive 9.1.6 immersive setup, this subwoofer ensures consistency and integration with any combination of Core family speakers. Its design allows for multiple units to be used together for even bass distribution, and its construction effectively counters vibration, even when placed under heavy use.

Innovative Design for Professional Needs

The Core Sub Compact features an innovative design with two Dynaudio MSP+ Hybrid Drive units configured to work in opposition, reducing vibration and maintaining stability. Its construction includes a rigid aluminium core, paper damping, and Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP material, all contributing to a solid bass foundation. This design supports accurate bass reproduction and integrates seamlessly into professional setups, allowing for versatile placement and worry-free use.

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