Earthworks DK7

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7-microphone kit for drums including four DM20 precision engineered cardioid condenser microphones, two SR25 for overheads and one SR20LS for kick drum., Earthworks DK7

The Earthworks DK7 is a comprehensive 7-piece drum recording package offering everything you need to capture top-notch drum sounds. The package includes a pair of SR25 microphones, four DM20 microphones, and an SR20LS. What sets this kit apart is its convenience, as it comes with RimMounts that allow you to directly attach the DM20 mics to your snare drum and toms. Additionally, the microphones can be securely stored inside the case with their mic clips, streamlining the setup and breakdown process.

One of the standout features of the Earthworks DK7 is its exceptional build quality. Each microphone is expertly crafted to endure the demands of regular touring, ensuring durability while consistently delivering premium sound. Notably, the DM20 microphones are so rugged that they can even withstand direct hits from drumsticks, a testament to their robust construction. This level of sturdiness allows you to position the mics close to your drums without worrying about accidental damage.

The performance of the Earthworks DK7 microphones is equally impressive, making them suitable for both studio and stage settings. Regardless of where you use them, you can expect pristine sound quality that captures the character and intricacies of each drum with remarkable clarity. From subtle ghost notes to dynamic cross-stick and aggressive playing, these microphones faithfully represent your recordings' full range of drumming styles.

Moreover, each mic's superior cardioid polar pattern ensures balanced sound reproduction across all frequencies. This provides increased gain before feedback and minimizes phasing issues, resulting in a cleaner and more professional sound. Even at high sound pressure levels, these microphones are designed to handle the volume without the risk of overloading or distorting, making them ideal for drummers who like to play with intensity.

In summary, the Earthworks DK7 is a versatile and reliable drum recording package that offers outstanding build quality, premium performance, and excellent versatility for any drumming situation. Whether you're in the studio or performing on stage, this package promises to deliver exceptional results and capture the true essence of your drumming artistry.

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