Earthworks DM6 Bass Drum Microphone

Kick Drum Microphone

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Condenser microphones with a tailored frequency response, consistent polar pattern, and fast transient response are compatible with Earthworks' DM20 snare/tom mics and SR25 overheads.

At a glance

  • Quick setup ideal for various performance levels and styles
  • Delivers excellent sound immediately
  • Responds well to any EQ adjustments
  • Includes a Triad-Orbit M2-R Ball Mount for precise microphone placement
  • Designed, tuned, and assembled in-house at Earthworks' New England facility
  • POLAR PATTERN: Supercardioid
  • SENSITIVITY (1KHZ): -60 dBV/Pa (1mV/Pa)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 48V Phantom, 6.5mA
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: M2-R Ball Mount, Windscreen
  • DIMENSIONS (L X D): 4.97″ x 1.93″ (Includes windscreen, does not include width of M2-R)
  • COLOR: Stainless Steel with Black Windscreen
  • WEIGHT: 1.25 lbs (0.58 kg)
  • MICROPHONE TYPE: Condenser

The Earthworks DM6 is a condenser microphone specifically designed for kick drums. It is ideal for settings that require quick setups, such as informal events or performances with volunteer sound engineers. This microphone delivers excellent sound quality immediately upon setup and requires minimal adjustment.

Designed for Efficiency and Performance

This microphone caters to both rushed preparations and the nuances of different musical styles. It offers a robust design that handles creative equalisation well, allowing sound engineers to enhance the audio as desired. The DM6 is not only easy to integrate with existing drum setups, including the DM20 snare/tom mics and SR25 overheads but also serves as an outstanding introduction to the Earthworks product range.

Optimal Design Features

The DM6 combines a tailored frequency response and consistent polar pattern with a fast transient response that precisely captures the intricate details of a kick drum's attack. Earthworks has designed this microphone to be sold individually rather than as part of their Earthworks Audio Drum Microphone DK7 kit.

Ease of Use and Quality Assurance

Each DM6 microphone has a Triad-Orbit M2-R Ball Mount, facilitating quick and accurate positioning. True to Earthworks' reputation, they design, tune, and assemble every microphone in-house at their New England facility to ensure the highest quality.

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