Echo EF-X3 Tolex Black

Chorus Echo with BBD Analog Chorus & Spring Reverb

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100% analogue device, made in Australia, boasts a BBD Analogue Chorus and Analogue Spring Reverb, ensuring a pristine signal path. Unique features like individual playback head outputs offer unprecedented stereo effects from mono sources, while innovative design enhancements, like the auto tape stop circuit, ensure durability. Building on a 15-year legacy of excellence, the EF-X3 is more than a tape echo unit; it's a transformative instrument that elevates and enriches the musical experience, promising reliability and creative potential that set new industry standards.

At a glance

  • 100% analog signal path for unadulterated audio quality.
  • BBD analog chorus enriching sound depth and texture.
  • Analog spring reverb for natural, warm reverberation.
  • Individual playback head outputs for versatile sound creation and stereo effects from a mono source.
  • Capability for stereo ping-pong delay effect through external panning of each playback head.
  • Auto tape stop circuit to extend the device's longevity and preserve tape life.
  • High-quality construction and meticulous attention to detail, crafted in Australia.
  • A legacy of reliability and innovation in tape echo units, backed by 15 years of expertise.
  • Transforms from an effect to a dynamic instrument, capable of self-oscillation and adding new dimensions to musical creativity.

The EchoFix EF-X3 is a premium analogue chorus and spring reverb unit masterfully crafted in Australia to the highest standards. This latest addition to the Echo Fix range of tape delays embodies a legacy of excellence, enriched with highly sought-after features refined over three years of dedicated development with the EF-X2.

100% Analogue Brilliance

Featuring an Analogue BBD Chorus and Analogue Spring Reverb, the EF-X3 prides itself on a completely analogue signal pathway, offering an unrivalled led auditory experience.

Innovative Playback Head Outputs for Mono-to-Stereo Conversion

The EF-X3 breaks new ground with its playback head outputs, enabling a transformative stereo effect from a mono source. This functionality allows for a quintessential Stereo Ping-Pong delay when each playback head is panned externally, offering flexibility previously unseen in tape echoes.

Unparalleled Reliability Echo Fix introduces an innovative auto tape stop circuit within the EF-X3, significantly enhancing tape longevity and ensuring consistent performance.

Continued Excellence and Support

With a 15-year track record of reviving tape echos, Echo Fix's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains unmatched. The creation of the EF-X3 epitomises this dedication, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds the industry's highest standards.

Beyond an Effect - A Living Instrument

The EF-X3 transcends the conventional boundaries of an effect unit. In its presence, its transformative impact on sound is palpable. Push its capabilities further, and it becomes an instrument in its own right, capable of self-oscillation and adding a dynamic, living quality to your music creation.

Embrace the EchoFix EF-X3, not just as a chorus and spring reverb unit, but as a vital, 100% analog component that will redefine your musical landscape.

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