Electronaut M97 Compressor / Limiter

Custom Order Vari-Mu Compressor


No Compromise modern vari-mu compressor with 14 valves, 7 transformers and comprehensive Dorrough inspired metering.

The Electronaut M97 is a 5U vari-mu compressor, which is based on historical techniques and circuit topology with improved performance and feature set for a truly modern compressor.

The Electronaut M97 is a single stage vari-mu compressor with a powerful and fast controller amplifier akin to the legendary Fairchild 670 but with none of the limitations of vintage designs.

The M97 uses a four quadrant arrangement with three valve sockets in each, a 9-pin to accommodate the ultra-rare 6386 tube and two 7-pin sockets to accommodate 6BA6 wired in triode-mode valves or equivalent. Each of the quadrants include a switch to configure the 7-pin sockets in 6V or 12V filaments. This configuration provides maximum flexibility and allows for a wide choice of valves, offering a huge range of possible combinations. In total, the M97 uses 14 tubes and 7 transformers in the audio path.

Unlike any other compressor, the M97 also uses a Dorruough inspired which provides immediate display of average and peak levels making it instantly compatible with digital 0dBFS. The meter can be used to display input and output levels, post compression level, gain reduction and even a 2nd harmonic measurement in the compressor itself.

Controls include a 1dB step input attenuator, continuously variable attack and release controls and two big Threshold and Slope controls which affect the threshold and amount of compression applied to the signal. The Attack can be set to ultra-fast setting 50 uS.

Electronaut M97 Vari-Mu Compressor Main Features:

  • No Compromise Modern vari-mu compressor design
  • Offers a choice of Valve to be used from NOS 6386 to 6BA6 or similar.
  • Single stage audio path with 14 tubes and 7 transformers.
  • Dorrough-inspired metering displaying input and output level, gain reduction, post compression level and 2nd harmonic measurement
  • Threshold and Slope control the amount and behaviour of compression
  • Continuously variable Attack and Release
  • Ultra-fast Attack (50uS)

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