Elektron Digitakt II Sampler & Sequencer

Stereo sampler and digital drum machine

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Advanced stereo sampler and digital drum machine with extensive filtering and modulation options, a powerful effects palette, enhanced sequencer, and comprehensive MIDI and Song Mode functionalities for a fully integrated sound creation experience.

At a glance

  • Advanced stereo sampler and digital drum machine
  • Upgraded memory with 30 minutes of stereo sampling per project
  • Modular sound manipulation with five unique machines
  • Extensive filtering and modulation options
  • Enhanced Elektron sequencer with 128 steps
  • Built-in effects palette for in-depth sound crafting
  • Seamless MIDI integration and comprehensive Song Mode for performance

The Elektron Digitakt II is a powerful and flexible digital drum computer and stereo sampler that transports your sampling capabilities to extraordinary dimensions. This advanced device lets you manipulate sound snippets in stereo, taken directly from your environment, and places them at your fingertips for intricate beat-making and sound sculpting. With the Digitakt II, you have the freedom to either preserve the essence of your audio or transform it dramatically, using 16 tracks that support stereo, mono, or MIDI configurations.

Experience enhanced functionality with the Digitakt II, which boasts significantly more power than its predecessor. Despite its familiar form, the new model offers increased processing power, allowing for creative sound manipulation beyond just drum tracks. It comes packed with an improved sample library, ready to deliver not only rhythmic but also melodic and harmonic explorations right out of the box.

Capture and Manipulate Sound with Advanced Tools

Create your unique sound palette by capturing audio directly or via built-in sampling options, either synced to tempo or freely. With an upgraded memory allowing up to 30 minutes of stereo samples per project and over a thousand sample slots, your creative potential is limitless. The Digitakt II evolves the user experience with a modular approach, providing five distinct sample-manipulating machines and enhanced features for slicing, pitching, stretching, and triggering samples with precision.

Refine Your Audio with Detailed Sound Design Tools

Customise your tracks with a range of swappable filters for each track, including Multi-mode, Low pass 4, Comb, EQ, and Legacy LP/HP options. Dual envelope controls (ADSR and AHD) and three LFOs per track enable you to sculpt your sound with fine detail and dynamic modulation. Experiment with various waveforms and modulation destinations to discover new sound textures.

Expansive Effects and Sequencing Capabilities

The built-in effects suite of Digitakt II allows you to paint your sounds with vibrant delays, expansive reverbs, lush choruses, and intense distortion effects. The mixing desk features include compression and master overdrive for further sound shaping. The renowned Elektron sequencer has been upgraded to 128 steps, offering vast creative possibilities with features like the Euclidean sequence generator and conditional trigs.

Seamless Integration and Extended Performance Features

Digitakt II ensures smooth connectivity with balanced stereo inputs and outputs and extensive MIDI compatibility for sequencing and controlling external instruments. It also introduces a robust Song Mode from the start, allowing you to create and manage full compositions and set-lists seamlessly.

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