Elektron Syntakt

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The Elektron Syntakt is a powerful 12-track drum computer and synthesiser blending analogue and digital synthesis powered by a powerful sequencer to deliver the ultimate groove box experience.

The Elektron Syntakt heavily leans towards beat creation but each of the 12 tracks can either be used for creating bass lines, melodies or harmonies. It boasts classic sounds from the past and futuristic sounds through the use of its 35 analogue and digital machines.

The Syntakt includes a raft of effects including reverb, delay, analogue distortion and filters as well as two LFOs for modulation purposes. Of course, in pure Elektron fashion, the Syntakt also includes four expressive modifiers, retrigs. The 64-step Sequencer lets you develop sounds into fully-fledged compositions with dynamic velocities and more.

Elekton’s Syntakt also provides a wide range of scales and modes accessed via the keyboard mode enabling you to take your compositions to the next level, from the familiar to the more “experimental”.

It boasts two outputs and two inputs to run external audio through the Syntakt and use its FX track. The Syntakt follows in Elektron's tradition of wild sonic exploration.

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