Elysia Alpha Compressor

Class-A Mastering Compressor with M/S

CAP2: 875000.0
£9,699.00 £10,500.00
£8,082.50 ex VAT
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World Class Mastering Compressor with class Class-A topology throughout and a no expense spared construction.

At a glance

  • Integrated M/S Matrix
  • Feed Forward and Feedback Compression
  • Auto Fast  - Switchable semi automation provides perfect attack and release even with complex material
  • The Niveau Filter - This Audio Filter is specialized in forming the tonal characteristics of a track.
  • Sidechain Filter - Frequency selective compression.
  • Parallel Compression Mix Control
  • Signal Matrix - The direct and the processed signal can be monitored individually or together ( L/R or M/S )
  • Soft Clip Limiter - Tames short and loud transients and smoothens the signal peaks
  • Switchable Transformers
  • Analog Dynamic LED Meter
  • Passive Current Attenuator
  • Stepped and Matched Potentiometers
  • VOVOX Sound Conductors
  • Made in Germany

The elysia alpha compressor is the Ultimate Class-A Mastering Compressor / Limiter and the flagship product from elysia that has set such high standards that all the subsequent elysia products have also achieved. The elysia attention to detail and sonic quality is exemplified by this ultimate mastering beast!

Providing Parallel Compression, Limiting,  M/S Processing (via an integrated M/S Matrix) with further extended control via sidechain and the Niveau Filter. There are two options for compression, either Feed-Forward or Feedback which makes two different compressors available for the user as well as a Soft Clip Limiter.

The alpha compressor provides an extreme open sound with clarity and power - with every part of its signal processing based on single transistors running in constant class-A mode, including the sidechain and power supply. able transformers, providing the option with or without Iron.

The Analog Dynamic LED gain reduction meter modulates the brightness of the LEDs to show the amount of compression being used.

All components have been exclusively chosen according to their sonic excellence to provide the ultimate quality mastering or mixing compressor suitable for all genres of music. Included in this thought process is the sound of switchable transformers, providing the option with or without Iron.

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