Elysia nvelope|Mastering Edition

Stereo Transient Shaper

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Class-A Stereo Impulse Shaper offering versatile operation modes, including a traditional transient shaper, a unique Dual Band Mode for frequency-specific control, and an EQ mode with two-band shelving capabilities. Stepped potentiometers and 41 steps for frequency settings ensure efficient workflow and session recall. The Auto Gain feature prevents distortion in full range mode, maintaining a clean signal path in the discrete Class A design. Renowned as the best-sounding Transient Designer, the nvelope|Mastering Edition excels in applications such as drum room enhancement, overheads, and delivering a smooth, natural sound to acoustic instruments and productions, making it an indispensable tool for audio professionals seeking precise control, versatility, and sonic excellence.

At a glance

  • Class-A Stereo Impulse Shaper for mixing and mastering
  • Developed by Ruben Tilgner, the father of the original SPL Transient Designer Precise Control Range of +/- 5dB for mastering
  • All stepped potentiometers - perfect for fast recall of sessions
  • Superb sounding shelf equalizer mode
  • Best sounding Transient Designer on the market
  • Perfect for the drum room or overheads
  • Can be used as dual mono or true stereo link
  • Smooth and natural sound for all acoustic instruments and productions

The Elysia nvelope|Mastering Edition is a testament to mastering excellence, crafted by Ruben Tilgner, the visionary behind the original SPL Transient Designer. With a precise control range of +/- 5dB, this Class-A Stereo Impulse Shaper is tailored to deliver outstanding results in mastering applications.

The Elysia nvelope|Mastering Edition is designed for fast and efficient workflow, with all potentiometers being stepped, ensuring perfect recall of sessions. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the 41 steps on the frequency settings potentiometers, providing an unparalleled level of control.

Tailored Modes for Unmatched Flexibility

The versatility of the nvelope|Mastering Edition is showcased through its three powerful modes of operation:

In full range mode, it functions as a traditional transient shaper, adding or subtracting attack and sustain from program material. Whether enhancing the punch on drums, bass guitars, or keyboards, this mode brings a new level of depth to your mix.

The unique Dual Band Mode opens up a world of possibilities, allowing the assignment of attack and sustain parameters to specific frequency ranges. With the Freq A and Freq S controls, users can precisely shape the attack and sustain at chosen frequency points, providing unmatched flexibility.

Switching to EQ mode transforms the nvelope|Mastering into a two-band shelving equalizer, where the attack and sustain controls become powerful boost/cut tools. Dual-mono mode takes it further, allowing independent channel settings for maximum customization.

Seamless Control with Auto Gain

The Auto Gain button ensures a seamless experience in full range mode by automatically compensating for increased attack levels, preventing unwanted distortion. Meanwhile, the inherent clean signal path of the discrete Class A design, a hallmark of all Elysia products, guarantees a wide, open, and punchy sound.

The Sound of Excellence: Best-Sounding Transient Designer

As the best-sounding Transient Designer on the market, the nvelope|Mastering Edition shines in various applications. Whether enhancing the drum room and overheads or bringing smooth and natural sound to acoustic instruments and productions, this tool excels in every scenario.

The nvelope|Mastering Edition is a powerful ally for audio professionals, offering precise control, versatility, and a commitment to sonic excellence.

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