Empirical Labs Lil Freq

Parametric and Dynamic EQ with Unique de-esser

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Versatile single-channel EQ with unique de-esser function

The Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ delivers complete, precise, professional EQ control in a compact, 1U rack box. The Lil FrEQ offers "coloured" low frequency shaping, smooth shelving, and four bands of the surgical Parametric EQ that engineers depend on time after time. All of this power comes with nothng but the absolute highest performance.
The EQ Sections
HP - The High Pass section is a sharp filter that cuts all content below one of eight pre-selected frequencies. Empirical Labs calls this particular filter a "colored" filter since it is very steep and has a special shape that prevents thinning out frequencies just above the :cutoff" frequency. The corner frequency is indicated by LEDs that glow softly when the section is bypassed, and brightly when the section is engaged. As with all the EQ section in the Lil FrEQ, there is a dedicated bypass switch. High and Low Shelving - These are very similar to your standard "Tone Control", but extremely high performance, providing exceptionally smooth boost and cut on the "bass" and "treble" frequencies.
Parametric EQ Sections - There are four sections of fully parametric EQ... possible the cleanest parametric EQ section ever produced - operating below 0.0007% THD at extremely high audio levels. Try finding those specs anywhere else!
Dynamic EQ Section - The DS section combines filters with a compressor-like circuit that can help contain and control excessive high frequency content such as sibilants, especially in the absence of other lower frequency content. There are two modes of operation, with threshold control as well as a frequency select control. There are four LEDs that indicate the amount of Gain Reduction: -1dB, -4dB, -8dB, -12dB. The Ds section provides the highest performance, easiest to use, and most natural De-esser ever built, as well as a one of a kind, soft-knee High Frequency Limiter. You will love it!
Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ Features
Eight Sections of Processing!
Two shelving equalizers.
One special "Coloured" 3rd order HP (Low Cut) sections with eight selectable frequencies
Four fully parametric bands
One dynamic equalizer section
The Dynamic Section: Can be used for De-essing and high-frequency softening.
Highest Audio Performance of any Parametric EQ Ever Available: The total harmonic distortion is below 0.0007% with all bands engaged (see specs). In fact, Empirical Labs actually had to buy a new analyzer to even measure the distortion.
Distortion and Noise Performance Exceeds any Digital EQ: No analog-to-digital Converter can currently produce suck low distortion and noise. Built-in Instrument Preamp/Direct Box: Just plug a guitar or bass, etc into the front panel, engage the instrument switch and you have the highest performance direct box available. Distortion is below 0.0009% on the Instrument Preamp with 112dB dynamic range. Frequency response extends down to 50Hz.
Three Outputs, Including a Class A Transformer Output: To give you an isolated output with the wonderful soft saturation and beefy low end that you get from your favorite vintage gear.
Huge "Distressor" Knobs with high resolution numbering - for easy readability and repeatable settings. They also go to 10-1/2! A "BAD!" Hard Clipping Indicator Light: This LED indicates when the user is within 1dB of hard clipping. It monitors every section of the EQ for internal clipping.
Calibrated Output Level: Allows speed in setting tape and live mix levels Foolproof Operation: Monstrous internal headroom. Full boost of an EQ section can sound fine!
Single-height and Light Weight: More EQ processing than any other 1U analogue EQ.
Discrete and Integrated Combination: The best of speed/linearity with repeatability. Hand-tested and -selected components. All metal film and Roederstein resistors in the audio path - top quality components, most being high temperature, military-spec parts.
Switchable 110/220 Volt Operation: Extra fuse provided inside unit. True EQ Bypass: Hard wired switch that lets you know what it's really doing.
XLR and 1/4" Phone Ins and Outs: XLR fully balanced design, pin 2 hot. Changeable by user to pin 3 hot!
No Internal Connectors: High reliability parts and military-grade switches and relays. All contacts double up for maximum reliability.
Three Year Limited (Yet Generous) Warranty
Interface and Features Not Found Anywhere Else.
Hand Wired and Calibrated in USA.

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