Endorphin.es Shuttle MIDI to CV Converter Module

Eurorack MIDI to CV Converter Module

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Endorphin.es Shuttle MIDI to CV Converter Module

The Endorphin.es Shuttle Control is a powerful 16-channel USB MIDI to CV converter module.

Unlike any other MIDI to CV converted, Shuttle Control receives MIDI information at multiple input stages simultaneously, for example;

MIDI can be sent or received at the "to device" port from something like an iPad or tablet computers, whilst simultaneously receiving MIDI from something like a USB MIDI keyboard controller at the "to host" ports.

This means that any class compliant USB MIDI device can be utilized with Shuttle, allowing a vast array of controlling, sequencing and playing capabilities.

Shuttle makes polyphonic play a breeze, provided you have enough VCO's or sound sources to support it. But the capabilites of the CV outputs aren't just limited to pitch control, LFO's, Gates and Envelopes can also be sent by the CV outputs.

And to round off this well thought out module, Shuttle can also be used a power supply solution for smaller systems, by installing a compatible power supply to the power input multiple modules can feed power from Shuttle.

An elegant module that solves many issues with those who have smaller systems look to resolve.

The main features of the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control Module include

Polyphonic USB MIDI to CV Conveter

Connect class compliant USB MIDI Devices

Send LFO, gates and envelopes from the CV outs

Multiple presets for VCO scaling and much more

12HP wide

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