Endorphin.es Shuttle System Complete Modular Synth Voice

Complete Modular Synth Voice

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Endorphin.es Shuttle System Complete Modular Synth Voice

The Endorphin.es Shuttle System is a Complete Modular Synth Voice based around Endorphin.es highly acclaimed range of Buchla inspired eurorack modules.

Housed in a single 84HP frame, the Shuttle System includes the Cockpit, Gateway, Grand Terminal, Furrrthr Generator and Shuttle Control modules, all combined together in a workflow friendly and incredibly versatile singular semi-modular synth voice. For fans of additive synthesis, the Shuttle system delivered the tones and percussive sonics you expect from something so heavily inspired by Buchla.

Furrrthr generator is a dual oscillator inspired by the iconic Buchla 259, a FM dense sound source that includes two oscillators: one for generating tones and one for modulating the other oscillator, obviously making it an additive synthesists playground.

Cockpit is a simple multi channel audio and control voltage mixer, which can be used to mix and route signals around the Shuttle system, when patched correctly, it can function as depth controls for the patched modulation destinations.

Grand Terminal combines a group of low pass gates with multi mode filter settings, it includes a group of looping envelopes and VCA circuitry for the classic percussive tones.Combined with an onboard gateway, it makes for a very powerful and deep modulation source.

Shuttle Control is a 16 channel MIDI to CC converter, ideal for turning MIDI CC messages into multiple modulation messages an information. It allows the shuttle system to effortlessly talk to a DAW and MIDI environment.

An incredible addition to an existing system or a sublime system for those newer to Eurorack and modular synthesis, the Shuttle system provides all of the tools for classic analogue tones and brash additive synth tones alike.

The main features of the Endorphin.ES Shuttle System include

Complete additive synth voice in 84HP

Includes the complete Endorphin.es module lineup in a single space

Classic additive synth tones

Built in 16 channel MIDI to CV converter

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