Endorphin.es Strong VCO Core

Thru-Zero FM Upgrade

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Endorphin.es Strong VCO Core

The Endorphin.es Strong VCO Core is a replacement oscillator core for the Furthrrrr Generator module.

This replacement VCO allows the Furthrrr Generator to extend it's sonic capabilities, it enables Thru-Zero Linear FM, which provides a whole new palette of sounds to be produced.

Strong VCO Core is a simple user installed replacement VCO core for the tone generator portion of the module architecture, though it can be used as a replacement for the modulator core also if desired.

If deep metallic, FM format tones and textures are your bag, then the strong VCO core and a Furthrrr Generator should be on yout list of must haves!

The main features of the Endorphin.es Furthrrr Generator Strong VCO Core Include

16-pin DIP IC chip—VCO core replacement that works with any Furthrrrr Generator

Expands the Furthrrrr Generator with linear thru-zero FM

User installable

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