Ergolab Executive Stealth Chair Pro Chair with Large Seat and High Backrest

Music Production chair

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Swivel seat with variable height adjustment chair with Zenwave motion technology.

At a glance

  • Non-Reflective
  • Patented ZenWave motion technology gives you better support without placing stress on your body
  • Active Tilt seat plate pivots forward and backward with ease, supplying proper body alignment
  • Free-float backrest gives you continuous support when you lean forward
  • 3 lever adjustments make customizing the chair's position a breeze
  • Convex-shaped backrest massages and improves blood flow to your lower back
  • The breathable mesh prevents perspiration buildup
  • Includes 2 piston cylinders for various height locations

The Ergolab Executive Stealth Pro Chair is a swivel seat with variable height adjustment chair with Zenwave motion technology. 

The Ergolab Executive Stealth Chair Pro has an adjustable foot ring and comes with both tall and short cylinders and two sets of casters to suit studio or touring applications. 

The Executive Stealth Chair moves back and forth with your body, providing superior support and removing harsh pressure on the body. It boasts a high-strength fibre-reinforced frame and a mesh support system that disperses the weight and corresponding pressure points regardless of the body's position for ultimate comfort.

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