Erica Synths Bassline DB-01

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The Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 is a desktop analogue bass synthesizer with a choice of 3 waveform Oscillator, multimode filter, sub oscillator 64-step sequencer and a powerful overdrive. 

The Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 is capable of producing all kinds of bass sounds acid basslines, growling drones or even drones as well as exploring new territories whether creating unique melodies or noisy explorations. 

All these tonal variations start with the VCO which offers the traditional Saw or square wave reminiscent of the legendary TB-303 as well as a triangle waveform to offer more tonal variation. It also includes a transistor-based sub-oscillator for deeper bass. A noise generator is also provided.

The VCF is based on the multimode filter found on the Acid box, itself based on the legendary Formanta Polivoks favoured for its aggressive tone and includes bandpass and low-pass modes. Further aggressivity is possible via the one-knob overdrive that is capable of adding a hefty amount of grit. The DB-01 includes a unique BBD-based detune function to create massive swarming detuned sound.

The included LFO offers a choice of multiple waveforms and can be assigned to control both pitch and filter cutoff and can sync to the sequencer tempo for synced modulation. Three envelopes cover VCO, VCF and VCA to create the perfect envelope shape for each parameter. An external CV can also be assigned to pitch and filter cutoff while a gate input allows for external gates to trigger the envelopes. Bassline DB-01 also includes CV and Gate outputs allowing the built-in sequencer to control external modules or CV-ready synthesizers.

The built-in sequencer provides up to 64 steps. An arpeggiator and random pattern generators both provide additional means for creating patterns. In addition to traditional scales, the DB-01 offers the ability to use user-defined scales to create microtonal scales if desired. Modulation can also be sequenced through the modulation track for automated VCF cutoff. The sequencer can be clocked using the Sync input of using MIDI Clock. Speaking of MIDI, it is possible to play the DB-01 with a keyboard for more human performances.

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