Erica Synths SYNTRX II

Analogue Synthesizer

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A reimagining of the original EMS AKS Synthi and an update of the original Syntrx with a new analogue circuit, new sequencer, and new multimode filter.

At a glance

  • Two perfectly stable main oscillators with CV controlled waveforms
  • Modulation oscillator with variable waveforms
  • Highpass and Lowpass filters in series
  • Free running or gate synced sample and hold circuit
  • Multi-colour noise generator
  • DC-coupled instrument inputs with signal inversion and envelope follower
  • Ringmodulator of unique design
  • Looping trapezoid envelope generator and VCA
  • Two output VCAs
  • Signal meter with a dedicated audio/CV output
  • FX section with great sounding Delay and Reverb
  • Recordable Joystick
  • Analogue patch matrix with 3 attenuation levels in each patch point
  • 254 patch memory
  • Piano roll sequencer
  • Two CV inputs
  • Gate input
  • DIN5 MIDI Input (CV and Gate) and MIDI Thru
  • Two assignable outputs
  • Headphone output

The Erica Synths SYNTRX II is a reimagining of the original EMS AKS Synthi and an update of the original Syntrx with a new analogue circuit, new sequencer, new multimode filter. 

Refining a Classic

The Syntrx II sees a redesign of the analogue circuit with two brand new main oscillators with waveshaping capabilities. These new VCOs are perfectly stable and can be controlled via CV and Sync’d. These oscillators now include octave and finer tuning controls as well as switchable PWM options based on the shape parameter.

The third oscillator with variable waveform can be used for modulation purposes. It can be used to follow MIDI notes or use freely as an LFO capable of working at audio rate levels. 

Extensive Modulation and Powerful Tone Shaping

The Modulation section offers an incredible breadth of possibilities thanks to the extensive internal and external routing options. For example, the DC-coupled audio inputs, external CV modulation and gating can be used to create an envelope follower with threshold, level and decay controls. This envelope can then be sent “To Gate” to be used as a comparator gate for the trapezoid envelope.

In addition to the modulation section, the Syntrx II includes an amazing Ring modulation section that lets you choose any of the 16 sources on the matrix to be fed into a choice of seven audio signal options, resulting in otherworldly metallic sounds. 

The filter section includes both high-pass and low-pass options that can be used in combination to create bandpass-style filtering. The filter includes adjustable gain and resonance. A built-in delay with variable feedback and time controls also adds textural goodness as well as powerful rhythmic options and is a great complement for performance duties.

Extensive Patching Possibilities and Sequencer

Just like in the previous iteration, the Syntrx II includes a 16x16 digital LED matrix that includes inputs and outputs for each of the “modules” featuring on the synthesizer, offering a total of 256 patching points. 

The Matrix provides up to 254 memory patches for easy recall and further editing. A patch button lets you cycle through a set of patches quickly.

The Syntrx II adds an onboard piano-roll sequencer accessible via the dot matrix, providing a powerful way to create arpeggios, basslines, melodies and more.

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