Eventide EuroDDL Eurorack Delay Module

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The Eventide EuroDDL is a Eurorack Modular delay that’s based upon Eventides long history of superb delays and effects processors. Elegant and simple, the Euro DDL blends both digital and analogue circuitry together into a neat 16HP layout.

Also available as a 5U version from Free State FX: see it here.

On the analogue side, Eventide have built in a dedicated low pass filter and a OTA based drive circuit, both included in the signal patch to add more analogue character to the digital delay.

On the digital side, there’s a superb quality delay processor, that runs up to 24bit / 192KHz, with a total possible delay time of 160 seconds when the quality is dropped down to 12kHz. The delay line can be reversed, looped and also has a substantial array of feedback sweet spots, for crafting your perfect delay tone.

The delay line can also be externally clocked by an LFO or sequencer clock source, using this function in tandem with the infinite delay function can turn the DDL into a looper, making it a great tool for building up live performances, especially when you consider you have a low pass filter, makes mixing and cross fading between sequences a breeze.

There’s also a wide array of CV connectivity and gate inputs on hand, including CV control over the feedback amount, the wet dry mix, the low pass filter cut off, the delay divisions and the multiply functionality.

The EuroDDL is not only a incredibly high quality delay, it’s also insanely flexible and hands on.

The main features of the Eventide EuroDDL Delay Module include

16 HP eventide delay

Brings together digital and analogue in a single harmonious circuit

Can be used in reverse mode or as an infinite looper

Can be internals or externally clocked

Also includes clock repeater for sharing input clock signal without a mult


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