Expressive E Osmose

Multi dimensional modulation controller with USB connectivity

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49-key polyphonic synthesizer with AKA augmented keyboard action technology providing three-dimensional control in every key for an unparalleled level of expression on a familiar keyboard design.

"“Osmose is an incredible step forward in the world of keyboard instruments—it opens up a whole new realm of expressivity.”"

J3PO - Jazz pianist & producer (Marcus Miller)

At a glance

  • 49 Key MPE keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Full-size keys with 3-dimension MPE control
  • EaganMatrix sound engine by Haken Audio: a digital modular sandbox allowing subtractive, fm and different physical modeling synthesis
  • 24 voices of polyphony
  • Assignable mod and pitch sliders
  • 500 factory presets
  • 128 user presets
  • Configuration modes: standalone synthesizer, MPE MIDI Controller, and classic MIDI Controller
  • Filters and sub-filters for browsing
  • Customisable sensitivity and velocity curves
  • Multi-mode MPE arpeggiator and innovative pressure glide feature
  • Digital stereo effects: select between reverb, mod delay, swept echo, analogue echo or LPF and HPF delay
  • Large color display
  • 9 push encoders
  • 2 Line outputs: Two ¼" TS pseudo balanced line outputs
  • MIDI input, output, and MIDI-thru
  • Separated ¼" TRS headphone output on the front panel (with its dedicated volume knob)
  • 2 continuous pedal inputs assignable to macro or sustain: 6.35 mm Jack
  • Power: External PSU with lockable connector, 12V, 1.5A, center positive
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 894 x 316 x 87.5 mm / 35.2" x 12.4" x 3.4"
  • Weight: 8.3 kg / 18.4 lbs
  • Includes a software updater for new firmware and library versions
  • Includes a Mac/PC editor to create and edit sound

The Expressive E Osmose is a 49-key polyphonic synthesizer with AKA augmented keyboard action technology providing three-dimensional control in every key for an unparalleled expression level on a familiar keyboard design.

The Expressive E Osmose responds to pressure, aftertouch and note bend polyphonically, creating swells, articulations and curves for higher expressiveness through a powerful modular sound design engine that includes hundreds of sounds.

The Osmose augmented keyboard action technology brings the familiar concept of a traditional keyboard with three-dimensional responsiveness that brings a level of controls usually associated with acoustic instruments. The built-in high-resolution sensors ensure an accurate response, respond to every nuance of hand movements, and bring a whole new level of detail.

At the heart of the Osmose synth engine is the EaganMatrix sound engine developed by Haken Audio. EaganMatrix is a powerful modular sound design environment and covers several sound generation technologies, including Virtual Analogue, physical modelling, FM synthesis and more, for almost infinite sound creation possibilities. For further changes, an editor is provided to help develop your unique sounds.

Sound editing features provide a way to create radical sound designs on the fly. A Macro control section lets you alter timbre texture and effects using pre-mapped settings to create dramatic sonic alterations seamlessly.

The Osmose keyboard integrates with any setup thanks to its wealth of connections, allowing you to control your hardware or software synthesizers as it is compatible with MIDI and MPE+. If required, the Osmose can be used as a classic keyboard controller which sends velocity messages to selected equipment. 

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